Ask Me!

Recently, I’ve had a number of folks ask me my thoughts on a variety of topics. What is love? Why do you not identify as human? How do you arrive at non-humanism? Do you think there are similarities between kink and autistic experiences with stimming and nociception? I love these and all the other questions I’ve been asked, and I’m guessing y’all have more. Soooooooo I’m trying to create some more avenues for folks to ask me questions!

  1. Email me! My email is
  2. Facebook me! Either a private message or a comment will work.
  3. Tweet me! My twitter handle is @APSAutistic, and I check the account regularly.
  4. Comment! Especially if it’s about a certain post, comment below, and I’ll get it.

I will do my best to answer as many as possible. Of course, I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll do my best!

❤ Piija Suoynna Riistia


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