Work in Other Fora

Autistic Stuff:

Autistic, Part 1: In which I open a conversation about how I came to identify as Autistic.

Autistic, Part 2: In which i explain some ways to be a good ally to Autistics.

Autism, Allyship, and Autism Speaks: One of my most widely shared and discussed pieces, about how Autism Speaks is a dangerous organization, and how you should not support the Stanford chapter of Autism Speaks U.

Brazil/Russia/World Cup/Olympics Stuff:

Minha Casa, Minha Vida: In which I detail some issues facing Brazil with regards to the World Cup and Olympics. Note: I wrote this in 2012, well before the protests during the summer of 2013 during/after the bus fare hike and Confederations Cup was a thing, so it’s not something I’d recommend reading if you’re looking for up-to-date analysis. Rather, it presents of a good background going forward to better understand current dynamics at play.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: In which I discuss a history of oppression and repression of the Olympics and World Cup.

Russian Sexual Politics: In which I look at the role of the East/West divide in the formation of Russia’s sexual politics.

Boycotting Boycotts of Russia: In which I look at how boycotts might not be the answer of Russia’s treatment of queers.

Challenging the Liberal Fascination with Gay, International Violence: In which I examine the role race and sexual orientation have on gay American interest in international violence.

A Discussion with Jason Cieply: In which I interview Jason Cieply, Stanford PhD. candidate and instructor in Moscow, about Russian perceptions of the West, and how Putin might have been playing us.

Queer/Trans Stuff:

Sexual Quantification: In which I deconstruct some basic Western bullshit ideology pertaining to sexuality/gender in response to  iO Tillet Wright coming to Stanford and doing problematic bullshit.

Against Marriage: In which, in the wake of the Supreme court rulings on gay marriage, I look at some basic flaws in the “we need marriage” ideology presented by the neo-liberal left, and at how marriage will not ultimately save us all.

Everyone is Gay Stuff:

All my Q and As are already compiled in this handy-dandy link!


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